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Mentoring programs



M. A. P. Program

The ROCC, Restoring Our Communities Collectively


Is an initiative to join together all facets within a community; residents, churches, schools and businesses

to produce conducive and achievable long-range plans and common goals that are genuinely inclusive of all who live and work in each community and with a purpose to continually improve upon the quality of lives; one child, one adult, one family, one neighborhood at a time.



Become A Volunteer

"It takes a village".  Your support is welcomed.


Men face a multitude of challenges as providers, role models and the avoidable day-to-day hurdles.  However, most would agree one of the most difficult yet often rewarding challenge is....parenting.


M.A.P. is a men's support group that opens up the discussion surrounding the world of being a parent, it's trials, tribulations, revelations and successes.  

Whether young or more mature, a grandfather, an uncle, a big brother or mentor, we each can take the opportunity to improve our parenting skills and continue to develop into stronger, productive men. 

Future schedules-TBA

Great Minds Share... 

Knowledge is the Key


BWAV will hosts workshops and forums on topics that will include:

CORI Resolution, Training & Employment Resources, Navigating the College Application Process and Financial Fitness 101.

Future schedules-TBA


An innovative clothing exchange program for men.  Whether preparing for an interview or starting a new job, take some of the pressure off of that first impression by looking your best. We may have the style just right for you.












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